Autel EVO Review: Foldable Nano+ Drone Design

I finally got my one wish, I'm not going to lie here, I've been wanting to review a proper drone for years, and now is the time. It's important to note that this is my first drone experience. Therefore, I will conduct this Autel EVO review from the perspective of a beginner drone pilot.

Before flying the Autel EVO, the only drone flight I ever did was one of the toy micro drones in my living room. I wouldn't say it qualifies as a proper drone, so this review is pretty exciting for me.

The Best Autel EVO Nano Drone to Buy


The EVO Nano foldable drone captures 4K 60fps Ultra HD camera video, a 94° wide-angle lens and 12MP photos mounted on a 3-axis stabilized gimbal, recording at up to 100mbps in H.264 or H.265 codec. The EVO has a flight time of up to 30 minutes and a range of 4.3 miles (7 km).

EVO Drone Design

Seeing the Autel EVO in photos and videos is full of surprises. I expected a flimsy and toy-like build quality, but it actually surprises. The first thing I noticed was how compact the EVO folds. All four legs fold up, as does the propeller to provide a compact and portable end product. It's small enough to fit in a suitcase no bigger than a camera bag.

EVO Nano Drone Wins 2022 German iF Design Award


The world's top industrial design award - the 2022 German iF Design Award has come to an end, and the iF DESIGN AWARD 2022 winners have been officially announced. With the pursuit of the ultimate craftsman spirit, Daotong Intelligent perfectly integrates aesthetics and technology in design and product development. In the end, the EVO Nano+ drone won the award after fierce competition.

The top of the Autel EVO houses the battery, where the battery release switch is located. To remove the battery, the easiest way is to fold the front legs, then press the button and gently slide the battery back. On the rear of the EVO is an infrared sensor that keeps an eye on what's behind the drone so it doesn't bump into anything. There are also two sensors/cameras around the front of the drone that help avoid obstacles and keep the drone from hitting things.

The 4K camera and gimbal sit around the bottom front and are covered with a plastic cover. The plastic cover should be removed before flying the Autel EVO, but it's not always easy. I found myself taking it off and putting it on more than I liked. It's by no means a deal breaker, it's just annoying. There are also two sensors on the bottom of the drone that prevent the EVO from landing on uneven ground. These sensors work in conjunction with the cameras on the front to map the environment for the drone to find the best path and landing location.

Finally, there are four legs that fold nicely over the drone's body. Each leg has a brush ss motor with a propeller and a light for visibility in the sky. The legs must be folded and unfolded in two steps. Autel simplifies things by numbering which set of legs must be unfolded first and then reversing the order when folding it back.

Can You See Mini2 being Killed by The Autel Robot EVO Nano Plus?


It is understandable that there are leaders in the drone industry. DJI's Mini2 drone is always mentioned, but more often, I tend to what the competitors are doing. Similar drones DJI MINI2 are 1/2.3 inch, Mavic air 2 is 1/2 inch, it seems that Autel Nano plus clearly wins in this point, you must know that air 2 is no longer in the category of small drones - 250g small without man-machine. In addition, we also need to know that in the type of foldable drone, the Mini2 does not have obstacle avoidance function, which is an essential point for beginners.

Overall, the design is eye-catching. In terms of appearance design, Danxia orange, deep space gray, glacier white, and red flame red are four bold color schemes, which not only meet the needs of users' selection, but also show the vivid vitality of the product. On the fuselage line, industrial designers follow the minimalist design principles to outline the shape of the drone with graceful curves.

The minimalist design language of Autel drones brings a brand new visual aesthetic to users, blending minimalist vision and performance experience to meet the multi-layered needs of users. I really liked how the Autel EVO looked online and in videos, but when I finally got it, I was much more impressed. It's sturdy and well-built, and doesn't feel like a toy. So if you think you're buying a cheap toy drone here, you're not, this is the real deal.