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Autel EVO Nano Drone Buying Budget

Serious drone pilots end up investing hundreds or even thousands of dollars on their rigs, building their own drones out of parts, or just picking up a drone that's ready to fly. One day, we might consider building a custom rig ourselves, but for now, we'll focus on off-the-shelf gear that can keep your budget pretty low while you get the hang of things.

When we're talking about toy-grade drones, none represent the label better than Nano drones. Often smaller than the palm of your hand, these mini flying quadcopters will cause laughter as they buzz around your living room. These are easy gifts for others, fun toys to learn from, and an inexpensive way to get into the hobby safely.

We've got a smaller budget list, too, but let's halve it today: Here's our best drone under $800, the EVO Nano Drone.

Why trust the Autel EVO Nano Drone?

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I have loved flying since I was a child. While I have little opportunity to steer a manned aircraft, the hours of work on my drone fleet continue to grow. I love putting my camera in the sky, and the silky smooth aerial images make me happy. My goal is to help all pilots enjoy flying legally and safely.

Your needs should determine your budget. For $500, you should get a solid racing drone setup with all the extra parts to handle a crash or two, but at this price you're only getting an entry-level camera drone. Drones with the best smartphone-caliber cameras cost around $800 to $1,500, and if you want a drone with a better camera sensor than a smartphone, expect to spend more. Don't get us wrong, drones benefit from placing a smartphone sensor behind a larger and better lens than your phone can handle, yielding better results, but you can only get a DSLR at a high-end DSLR price level results.

The best budget drone 4k cameras

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Autel Robotics recommends the EVO Nano as our most wanted drone, let alone the best drone under $800, the only viable 4K camera EVO drone in its price range, and the most portable to carry around One of the machines goes. There are better camera drones out there, and more affordable basic bodies to learn how to fly, handily beating DJI's Mini 2 in its class.

Under the hood, the EVO Nano has a 4K camera mounted on a 3-axis gimbal, and it has a flight time of up to half an hour, great range, and pretty fast speeds. If you're happy with the photos and videos your phone can produce, but want a foldable drone, the EVO Nano is an excellent choice. Ease of flight, compact size and portability make the EVO Nano our go-to for tossing drones into our backpacks and hitting the trails.

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The EVO Nano plus is also a lightweight drone with a further camera specification that is powerful, reliable and easy to fly. The camera isn't amazing, but at least it gives you a nice view from the sky. This is a great option for new pilots who want to bounce around in the park. Amazing aerial images. Still fun and fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is $800 enough, or should I budget for a more expensive drone?

Is $800 too much for my first drone?

It wouldn't be fair to say $800 is too much for your first drone, but we recommend you start flying with a toy-sized drone. Learn how the drone operates, how to control the joystick, and use the expensive drone that won't break if you crash - yes, you will.

The $800 drone comes with GPS and reliable auto-hover to make flying easier and safer for beginner pilots, so don't be afraid to give it a try. Fly safely!

Can I get a good 4K drone for under $800?

Not long ago, the answer to this question was no. But in fact, we can safely recommend a 4K drone for under $800. The drone EVO Nano from Autel Robotics surprises us. The rules still apply to the camera caliber here, producing results similar to high-end smartphones,

Do I need a license to fly these drones?

Yes, the FAA requires all hobby pilots to obtain their TRUST certification, and all paid operations must be performed by Part 107 certified pilots. But when we take a closer look, the EVO Nano weighs no more than 250g, so it's absolutely free to fly.

Drone Laws - Yes, no matter what you fly, you must obey the rules of the sky.