Learn The Basics of Autel Drone Photography Tips

Learn The Basics of Autel Drone Photography Tips

For camera drones, many new drones are fascinated by the camera configuration of the drone, but at the same time the necessary photography skills are also one of the knowledge points we need to learn. Aerial photography became a classic while we were learning and flying drones.

Learn to Fly Before You Learn to Shoot

To get good pictures and videos, you need to ensure the flight stability of the drone. Learn to control the flight of your drone, such as learning the obstacle avoidance function of the drone. You will have plenty of time to take pictures later. Get a feel for what an airplane feels like now.

Imagine Before You Take Off Your Drone

On the Autel EVO Nano drone, the flight time is about 28 minutes, if you don't have an extra spare Nano battery accessory, please try to visualize your shot before takeoff, conceive your scene shot, and not fly aimlessly come and go.

Take Photos in RAW Format

The RAW format belongs to the original image format of the camera. It is different from JPEG, JPG, and PNG. Although it is difficult to find the difference between the images, the RAW format image will be more convenient for processing, but the processing will be difficult. But at the same time, we often use JPEG for photo shoots, and it doesn't make much difference.

Understanding Camera Focus and Metering Buttons

Once you find them on the controller, it's easy to toggle between the focus and metering buttons. Both are very useful because you can get strong contrast from the air. Autel EVO Nano+ adopts PDAF+CDAF dual focus, which will make the drone's picture shooting more stable.

Consider Buying A Neutral Polarizer

Polarizing filters reduce glare, protect the lens and make the sky appear in your images. Beyondsky sells separate ND (neutral density) filters to reduce more light and glare. The drone is shooting from above, so you'll experience new angles of light not usually available with traditional photography.

Learn to Shoot From An Angle

Taking an angled image at the correct height, distance and orientation is more difficult than taking an image directly overhead. Bokeh images such as backgrounds also require skill, and it is important to identify the subject, foreground or background elements in the photo.

Take Pictures Like A Designer

Find the most eye-catching points in a photo, perceive the world from a design perspective, and learn more about lines, textures, patterns, and colors. Brings us new discoveries through shapes, arrangements and interesting connections.