Preparing for Drone Flight--Increasing Demand for Drone Accessories

Preparing for Drone Flight--Increasing Demand for Drone Accessories

All drone owners, novice and veteran, or those with an interest in drones, should know what to prepare before flying your drone, and which accessories can better enhance the flying experience .

Autel drone EVO series is a brand of drone with amazing expressiveness. Here I got the first perfect drone flying experience. For the performance of the drone itself, increasing the demand for accessories can be used to expand the unmanned aerial vehicle. The potential of the aircraft to help you capture stunning photos or fly at unbelievable speeds.

Most people come across two options when buying a drone, the standard package or the upgraded package, how about a better deal, let's see what's in the upgraded package?

1. Backup Battery

When owning a drone, the first must-have accessory you need to buy is a spare battery. The consumer-grade drone Nano series has a flight time of 28 minutes, the Lite series has a flight time of 40 minutes, and the EVO II series has a flight time of 40 minutes. The super battery life can take a lot of good photos or video clips, if you plan to do it continuously for a few hours With a drone livestreaming, a spare battery will come in handy.

Keep in mind that most drone batteries take 60-90 minutes to charge, and if you're driving outdoors, you can charge the drone battery case by connecting to a car charger.

evo battery

2. Mass Memory Card

Most drones come with a memory card out of the box, Autel EVO drones are all capable of 4k video shooting, which means a lot of storage space, taking 16GB for about 20 minutes of 4K footage as a reference, the EVO The drone can support external memory cards up to 256GB. Therefore, it would be wise to buy a larger memory card.

3. Spare Propeller

evo nano propellers features

Propellers are very fragile and often shatter or break. The drone itself is strong enough to withstand minor bumps, but the propellers tend to take most of the damage. Flying a drone with a shattered or damaged propeller is not recommended due to the risk of loss of control. With a spare propeller, you can eliminate vibrations that a damaged prop might cause to the drone's body or motors, causing instability during flight. Autelpilot fully considers the needs, we have separate Nano, Lite, II series drone propellers for replacement.

4. FPV Goggles

First person view goggles (FPV goggles) will take your drone flying experience to the next level! These goggles give you the opportunity to observe your personal field of vision from the drone's perspective, recreating the feeling of flying in the cockpit. Using FPV goggles will greatly improve the flying experience, but at the same time, you need to pay attention to the safety of drone flying.

5. Suitcase

Whether it's a hard-shell backpack or a semi-flexible suitcase, protecting your drone on the go is critical. There are many backpacks and suitcases to protect the drone, with multiple compartments for you to organize your various gadgets. Consider a waterproof or waterproof case to ensure your drone won't be damaged by water, be it splashes or rain - not only will the case make it easier for your drone to get to and from its destination, but it will also keep it safe.

autel evo nano plus package list

Select drone accessories to enhance your journey

Of course, Nano drone accessories are far more than that. We upgrade the configuration to achieve a better flight experience and effect, give full play to the mobility of the drone, and help us obtain a safer and easier way of drone travel. Therefore, in order to save the trouble of purchasing additional accessories separately when purchasing a drone, we recommend that you purchase an Drone Premium Bundle.