Autel robotics evoii pro 6k package list

Autel EVO Lite+ vs Autel EVO II Pro Review

Autel Robotics has released two great drone models that will help many take their drone operations to the next level and help more individuals, businesses and organizations start utilizing drones. The EVO II Pro moves the industry forward with increased time-of-flight, high-resolution vision/multiple sensors at an affordable price. If you're currently looking for a professional, camera-ready drone, I highly recommend considering the EVO II Pro or the Autel EVO Lite+.

Autel has partnered with advanced management software Autel Sky app to provide Autel EVO users with professional and comprehensive management tools. This latest partnership makes the EVO family of U.S.-made, lower-priced, compact commercial drones more competitive in enterprise drone programs.

Autel pilots can reduce the risk of flying and managing Autel Evo drones and fleets by leveraging the Autel Sky app, which brings advanced fleet management capabilities, including pilot and flight data recording and analysis, integrated with the Autel ecosystem , compliance management, maintaining tracking and collision avoidance information, and improving flight efficiency for better, safer drone operations. Autel Sky app will always be optimized and upgraded with the update of technology, the needs of users, and the development needs of the industry.

Autel robotics evoii pro 6k package list

"Rugged Bundle" - Autel Robotics EVO Drone Standard

Autel Robotics offers a standard version of the accessories package for each drone, which includes Intelligent Flight Battery, Propeller, Hard Case, Charging Center, SD Card, Remote Control, Charger, Remote Charger Cable, RC Connection Cable (Micro-B Type) and Type C), 1 Year Autel Robotics Limited Warranty. This transition to a more robust enterprise product is 100% in line with what we've seen our enterprise customers ask for, a drone with the accessories needed to be successful.

Thanks to Autel Robotics' smart moonlight algorithm, the EVO Lite+ drone's camera is smart and responsive. Deep learning-based AI algorithms capture more detail at night while reducing noise. The drone also features fisheye obstacle avoidance—a 150-degree forward field of view—that eliminates more blind spots than traditional systems while reducing the number of cameras required.

The Autel EVO Lite+ is marketing video transmission up to 12km, comparable to what competitors are currently offering. We had no issues connecting with a range of business and recreational activities within sight. The operating range of the remote control will vary depending on where you are operating.

Capture stable and clear aerial video and photos with the foldable Autel Robotics EVO II Pro. The built-in gimbal camera can record 20MP raw JPEG photos or 4K video at up to 60 fps to the included microSD card. Since the camera is balanced on a motorized 3-axis gimbal, the video will have a smooth, professional look, and the camera can be remotely controlled to point anywhere you want.

The included remote can control the EVO II Pro up to 5.5 miles away and has a built-in HD display for surveillance video. If you connect an Android or iOS smartphone running the free Autel Explorer app, you can control the EVO's advanced features and intelligence to automatically track subjects and program flight patterns.

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Using dual front and rear cameras plus downward-facing ultrasonic sensors and rear-facing infrared sensors, the Autel EVO knows to avoid obstacles and reroute based on built-in 3D mapping technology. Fly with the Autel EVO, capture dynamic shots of moving subjects, or fly over epic vistas with ease.

Autel's Live Deck allows drone operators to display live video footage from the EVO II Pro drone on a Windows or Mac computer, smartphone, TV/monitor or local network. The Live Deck retails for $449.00 and is a great addition to those working in public safety, business, and education. In testing, we used the Live Deck to successfully transmit video from the EVO II Pro standard up to 2,900 feet away through a 5-inch insulated wall. During the test, I maintained my line of sight as I flew the drone outside the building while the audience watched the drone live in the cool, air-conditioned Ninety Drone Training Center.