EVO Nano drone--Introduction to the automatic follow-up shooting function

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Drones are growing in popularity and technology is advancing rapidly. Follow is now available on many drones. This feature is not available on all drones. You might be wondering if a Follow Me mode exists for the Autel Robotics EVO Nano series.

First of all, one thing is for sure, there is definitely a follow function, whether it's the EVO Nano or the EVO Nano+ drone, while remaining small and compact and limiting the weight to 249 grams, with many built-in sensors, you will always be a good partner you can rely on.

The Follow Me function requires additional obstacle avoidance sensors to perform the function safely. Extra sensors mean extra weight.

But the Autel Robotics design team took this to the extreme, not only keeping the drone at an extremely light 249 grams, but stripping away any hardware that didn't need to hit the weight limit. While retaining the much-needed obstacle avoidance sensors including front and side, three-way obstacle avoidance makes flying safer to enable Follow Me mode safely.

NANO drone greay

Freeze Focus Shot mode is a pre-programmed flight path that uses image recognition similar to active track. You basically select a point of interest (POI) on the screen (either a person or a scene) and let the drone fly around you in a fixed path.

To simulate an active track or follow me feature using quick shots, we will use the circular motion quick shot mode. At the same time, in order to ensure the stability of the shooting picture, we recommend that you be in an open area without any trees or obstacles. If you try to do this in the woods or other crowded spaces, it will likely crumble.

It should be noted that there are no restrictions on the movement of the drone, and the true active tracking/follow me function in high-end drones is powerful, unlike the low-end drone version, which can only be used when moving in a straight line. This hacked method won't work if you move in an irregular fashion. You have to keep walking or moving in a straight line to do the job.

When ready, press the start button and start walking. Your drone will try to circle around you, but since you're moving forward, it will try again and again to compensate and move with you, mimicking the perfect follow me.