The era of Autel Drones enters a new fast pace

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In Tesla's latest video, a drone tours the company's newest Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany. High-speed drone video is nothing new, but the videos captured by skilled pilots (combined with equally skilled video editing) are impressive and give us a glimpse into the robots and tools the company uses to produce electric vehicles.

We've seen skilled FPV drivers on DroneDJ before, in everything from houses, rings of fire to baseball fields. Many of these videos have long takes without editing, but Tesla's style of video is a little different. In addition to the skills of the drone pilot, Tesla's video makes use of speed ramps, decelerations and many other edits to demonstrate the technology used to produce cars at the Berlin Giga.

At present, the mid-to-high-end drones in the field of drones are starting to face more consumers, and Autel Robotics has begun to emerge to discover interesting drones from this brand.

Autel robotics evoii pro 6k package list

An introduction to Autel Robotics drones

Standard-sized drones can typically stay in the air for half an hour on a single charge, and the drones offer telephoto and wide-angle lenses. These cameras can capture fairly high-definition photos and videos. It might also be possible to charge the drone directly via USB-C, so there's no need to unplug the battery. In terms of weight, the Autel Robotics Nano allows us to see a drone product as low as 249 grams.

The Autel Robotics EVO II Pro drone is a high-end drone that sells online for less than $1,500. Its whopping 8K video resolution beats most other drones, though, and you also get 40 minutes of steady, gimbal-assisted flight time. The drone has an impressive 5.5-mile range and all-round obstacle avoidance, making it one of the most capable drones out there. The consumer- and professional-oriented drone is known for its value for money, and it can also automatically track subjects and keep them in frame with follow mode. Before you take your new toy into the sky, please read the FAA's rules for operating drones. The government agency regulates unmanned flying and says users must keep their machines within sight and below 400 feet at all times.

One of the most exciting and innovative technologies to emerge in recent years, drones allow you to observe your surroundings from a height and capture stunning aerial images. If you suddenly feel the urge to own one, know that these tiny craft are relatively inexpensive, so now is a great time to finally take to the skies.