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Autel EVO Nano Accessories Collection: What's in the Box?

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The composition of a drone is probably composed of the fuselage and built-in battery, remote control, and filters, as well as built-in program applications and other accessories. We mainly look at the following points.

The Autel Evo Nano+ is available in two configurations, the standard package containing just the drone, controller, battery and charger (£799/$949) and the premium package (£949/$1,099). We recommend getting the premium set as it includes two extra batteries, a multi-purpose charger, spare props and a great shoulder bag to pack it all in.

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As pictured, Autel Evo Nano+ Premium Bundle on a white background, the Premium Bundle contains everything you need for travel and more.

One of the most important accessories you can buy for your Autel Evo Nano+ drone is a set of snap-on neutral density filters from Freewell. ND filters are like putting on a pair of sunglasses on your drone's camera, and it's certainly the best way to introduce natural motion blur into your footage. Without one, when the drone is moving slowly in bright sunlight and its camera is tilted toward the ground, something weird happens to the video taken from the drone. You'll see an annoying stuttering effect across the frame, which can ruin an otherwise cracked tracking shot or lateral pan. The problem is that the shutter speed is too fast, an anomaly that affects every drone camera, especially when tracking or panning close to an object below.

Freewell's all-day filter kit is available from Amazon for £99.99, and it's a well worth the investment if you want to get the most out of the Evo Nano+'s blockbuster camera. The All Day Kit includes six ND filters - ND 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and 1,000 - so you can simply create naturalism in all types of light, from cloudy to the brightest, sunniest days motion blur footage. The ND filter also protects the front glass element of the lens from damage. Designed for aerial photography purposes, the Ultra Dark ND1,000 filter is a great filter to grab when shooting flowing water with very slow shutter speeds.

Freewell also makes polarizing filters (£21) that give blue skies deep, rich tones that would otherwise appear pale and overexposed. This filter will also reduce glare from reflective surfaces such as snow and water.

Autel EVO Nano+ Update:Firmware Update

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As mentioned above, Autel has fixed a lot of technical glitches, improving flight speeds, some camera settings, and even some slight instances of jelly (the image wobbles like a bowl of jelly) through a series of post-launch updates. When I was watching the video on the 27" monitor, I noticed a bit of jelly on one of my previous test flights, but a recent V1.1.14 firmware upgrade has fixed that. Honestly, most drones (including DJI) need a firmware update when they first start up, because some issues are only discovered when the product is used by hundreds of people, not just a handful of pre-sale testers.

Autel EVO Nano+ Drone Accessories APP: Autel SKY APP

The Autel Sky app (iOS and Android) provides information on GPS, current altitude, speed and more, as well as access to camera settings and all flight parameters including return altitude, maximum distance and gimbal controls. While you can't choose different color settings like D-Log, the app does allow for some nice manual controls, including ISO and shutter speed. You can also tap the screen to adjust exposure and keep it locked so the brightness doesn't change as you track or pan.

In terms of flight time, a fully charged battery can reach a very reasonable 28 minutes - enough for lots of video and aerial photos.

EVO Lite perfectly meets the needs of photography drones on the market. It is a favorite among consumers, professionals, and businesses due to its superior video and photo quality. In fact, when you ask a pro which drone is best for commercial photography, the EVO Lite+ is almost always mentioned.

In addition, the EVO II Pro can support great real estate and commercial photography, making it accessible to both small and large businesses. There are more sophisticated drones that companies can invest in, but these come with a more difficult learning curve.

As the Nano series of consumer-friendly drones, it is easy to use for the individual hobbyist and does not require a professional drone pilot on hand. The EVO II Pro is a popular professional photography drone that can also be used to shoot TV commercials, music videos and other commercial videos.

Best aerial photography drones for beginners

In our review of the EVO Nano, our reviewer called it the best drone he's ever flown. The EVO Nano plus is a new and improved version of the original drone. Soon after its release, it won praise and awe from drone enthusiasts. Why we love it: Improve a great product. Better portability than other premium drones.

As the company's flagship consumer drone, it is not only of great quality, but also of great portability and ease of use. It comes with a 50MP camera, four-axis obstacle avoidance, foldable arms, and a maximum flight time of 28 minutes.

It also has some awesome tricks like switching between automatic and manual modes. It also features Hyperlass, a favorite effect of many photographers.

The drone features HDR and an "Ultra Light" low-light mode to ensure your pictures have amazing depth and detail. Drones aren't cheap, but when it comes to drones with 4K photography, it's the best.

Further improve your photography skills

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While using these, the best drone photography we could find will give you the chance to capture some rare views, having a drone doesn't necessarily make you a great photographer.

As has been said many times before, when it comes to honing your photography skills, practice makes perfect. Have a look at the best cheap drones with cameras if you need a backup practice, or the best pocket drones to carry around.

Hope you enjoy the projects we recommend and discuss!