Autel EVO Nano – The Smartest Mini Drone On The Market

Say hello to the new Autel EVO Nano - the all-new sub-250g, perhaps the smartest consumer drone.

The launch of the Autel EVO Nano could usher in a new audience of drone enthusiasts and become the entry-level product for the vast majority of consumer drone enthusiasts.

As a micro-drone initially released this year, the small and powerful features are exciting to many Autel EVO drone enthusiasts. It even won the German Red Dot Design Award in 2022, and the shape is very beautiful.

The new Autel EVO Nano miniature drone can fly in four different color styles under the blue sky and white clouds.

Flying The New Autel EVO Nano Tiny Consumer Drone.

evo lite

The Autel EVO Nano is a compact yet powerful aerial mini-drone at an attractive price and size. The Autel EVO Nano's maximum range extends to an astounding 10 kilometers and a flight time of up to 28 minutes, and its capabilities are profound for micro-drone technology.

At just $799, aspiring first-time drone pilots and seasoned pilot customers are sure to get plenty of drone technology for a fraction of the price. This is a very worthwhile investment.

Autel EVO Nano is highly responsive and autonomous thanks to smart features such as smart remote controller flight and multiple built-in sensor controls.

Using the Autel EVO Nano plus drone, you will find that this small drone can support up to 50MP photo shooting, 1/1.28" CMOS photosensitive lens, 4K/30fps HDR HD video, and 6.2 miles of image transmission System. Add PDAF + CDAF dual autofocus system and RYYB color filter array design, which can provide 40% more light input in low light.

focus nano plus

In general, the Autel EVO Nano plus drone is comparable to the Air 2s in terms of camera specifications, but it is the same as the mini2 in terms of body size and weight, which is surprising.

Autel Robotics' introduction of the Autel EVO Nano to the now-growing list of consumer drones has undoubtedly created some tension among DJI Mavic Pro users in the industry, prompting many curious questions as to why the Autel EVO Nano would be a Mavic competition By. We also often hear such questions. Mini 2 Killed by Autel Evo Nano Plus ?

Benefits of Autel Evo Nano Series Drones

Highly Portable – Compared to the size and weight of a mobile phone, the Autel Evo Nano series drones are foldable, extremely light, small, and compact, with a weight under 250g making them the perfect mobile drone.

  • Impressive Videos and Photos – The Autel Evo Nano's camera is capable of capturing 4k Full HD video and stunning crystal-clear 48MP photos
  • Efficient flight time - about 28 minutes of flight time
  • Image transfer stability - up to 2.7K 30fps
  • Iconic camera and gimbal stabilization – 3-axis stabilized gimbal for ultra-smooth video
  • Long Range - Maximum transmission distance/distance is approximately 6.2 miles

Always looking forward to the future of drones, and exploring the development of smarter and more compact drones after breaking through technology is a milestone that every brand supplier needs to explore.