Drone Beginner's Guide to Buying an EVO Nano Series Drone

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American company Autel Robotics has officially released Nano two series of mini drones, Autel EVO Nano and Autel EVO Nano+, the second of which is considered a PRO upgrade of the first - as we have seen from between the two models As you can see in the table of differences - they differ in the sensor and the quality of the camera, which is 1 inch in size and costs 100 euros more than the base version.

Autel EVO Nano + Camera Combo Drone

white nano

Autel EVO Nano+, it's the highest performing drone and the one we think is the best buy because it adds a camera that captures a lot of detail and can even take high-quality photos and videos in low light In extreme situations, such as at night, the EVO Nano+ drone is equipped with a RYYB color filter array design that uses HDR mode to extract rich details from shadows and highlights. In addition, there are few opponents in drones with a 3-way obstacle avoidance system and a flight range of about 30 minutes.

Autel EVO Drone Airplane Mode

The EVO Nano+ drone is very reliable and very precise in both motion and hover phases, maintaining a truly accurate position in flight as well. In this sense, wind resistance up to class 5 is also important, just like its best competitors.

Additionally, you can fly with this drone by choosing between 3 flight settings that allow for different maximum speeds and ranges, from the most "controllable" to the most "powerful": stable, Normal, Sport mode.

Three-Way Obstacle Avoidance on the Autel EVO Nano+

As a small drone, autel evo nano + is equipped with obstacle sensors, which is obviously commendable. At the same time, which is also one of the main differences of the Mini 2 as the main rival in the market, Autel's Nano+ has an automatic obstacle avoidance system, and the binocular sensors are arranged on 3 fronts, namely the front, rear and underside of the quadcopter.

Autel EVO Nano + Dynamic Tracking

This means you can get the most out of the Dynamic Track 2.1 feature and be quieter, through which the drone can automatically adjust its flight (speed and trajectory) while keeping a subject (set via the app) in the center frame .

Obstacle prevention technology is obviously useful, but not foolproof, especially in the presence of obstacles that are difficult to detect, such as cables or small branches without leaves, so it is always advisable to carefully evaluate the environment we are shooting in.

Autel Sky APP Movie Mode Settings

There's no shortage of classic preset shooting modes like Rocket, Fade Away, Orbit, and Flick to create cinematic-looking videos even if you're not (yet) a professional pilot.

Autel EVO Nano + Drone Version Package Accessories


Standard Bundle Version
1 drone
1 remote
1 battery
3 USB cables
1 pair of propellers
1 screwdriver


Premium Bundle Version
All of these include the standard version, plus:
1 battery charger
1 multi-adapter
2 extra batteries
1 bag
2 pairs of extra propellers
1 propeller mount

Obviously, in all of these cases, our advice is to make the further sacrifice of buying the Autel EVO Nano + Premium Bundle, especially in order not to put yourself in the embarrassing situation of having to manage a single battery.

Nano + is undoubtedly one of the best drones under 250 grams, thanks first and foremost to a camera with nearly 1-inch sensor, and a very effective obstacle avoidance system, with an autonomy time of less than 30 minutes, as expected to have The best model in its class.