[PDF] Autel Smart Controller User Manual Download

[PDF] Autel Smart Controller User Manual Download

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Autel Smart Controller User Manual PDF Click To Download

The Autel smart remote controller can be used with any supported aircraft, and it provide high-definition real time image transmission. With the complete function buttons of the remote control, it can control and setup the aircraft and camera up to 13km (8.08miles) communication distance. The remote controller has a built-in 7.9-inch 2048x1536 ultra-high-definition, ultra-bright screen with a maximum 2000nit brightness. It provides clear image display under the strong sunlight. With it built-in 128G memory, it’s convenient to store the video footages in time. The working time is about 3 hours when the built-in battery is fully charged and the screen is at the maximum brightness.

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Autel Rootics Smart Controller

Manual Contents Overview

  • 1. Disclaimer
  • 2. Battery safety
  • 3. Precautions
  • 4. Getting to know Autel smart remote controller
  • 5. Item list
  • 6. Component Layout
  • 7. Powering on the remote controller
  • 7.1 Check the battery information
  • 7.2 Power on/off
  • 7.3 Charging
  • 8. Antenna Adjustment
  • 9. Frequency Match
  • 10. Flying
  • 11. Joystick Operations (Mode 2)
  • 12. Specifications

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