Autel Drone FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

As an excellent drone brand, Autel drones have gradually come to people's eyes after years of research and development and manufacturing. As the direct competitor of DJI, the leading brand in the drone industry, you may ask a lot, let's take a look at what Autel drone users are interested in and what questions do they have?

Which Flying Camera is Right For You?

What are the best drones of 2022? There are many options, but start with your own needs. Whether it’s pricing, cameras, body configuration, obstacle avoidance, and more, take everything into consideration to find the best drone available.

Autelpilot store offers Autel EVO Nano series, Lite series as well as EVO II Pro and EVO II Dual drones, in the overview of each drone, we introduce you the functional configuration of the drone in detail, I believe you will be sure direction.

What is The Best Drone?

The best drone needs to have a reference object for comparison, compare functions under the same size, and compare prices under the same function, not necessarily the most expensive drone is the best drone, nor is it necessarily the cheapest drone. machine is not good enough, we only recommend suitable ones for you.

How did We Choose These Drones?

If you're a licensed and insured drone operator, it's entirely possible to put in dozens of hours flying these drones, whether it's for testing, flying for fun, or for commercial work, only by practicing, to draw real conclusions.

What needs to be done for drone testing?

Drone testing not only needs to test the camera and flight characteristics, but also needs to test the obstacle avoidance sensor, GPS signal, return-to-home function, the stability of the image transmission system, etc. Any drone operator should not rely on these for daily use, but They're a handy safety feature in case something goes wrong. A good drone is fully capable of flying in cold weather, windy weather and active craters, delivering high-quality photos and videos even in the harshest conditions.

Are Drones Easy To Fly?

yes! Modern drones are really easy to fly. Autel Nano series drones are the smallest drones of Autel drones, weighing only 249g. Countless drone beginners have tested this mini foldable drone.

That doesn't mean there's no learning curve, I highly recommend taking the time to learn to fly - pick a large open area like a park or beach so you can get used to the drone's capabilities.

Are Sensors On Drones Foolproof?

Do not.

While they are fine and can do things like avoid people and trees, due to the high sensitivity threshold of the sensors, drones can be hit by things like tree branches, power and phone lines, and building objects Fool while hovering to avoid obstacles.

Regardless, obstacle avoidance sensors are a safety feature, not something you should always rely on, with our eyes on the drone on the monitor screen.

Can you Fly A Drone In The Rain?

Do not!

Drones are not waterproof, and rain—even fog—can damage the delicate electronics in the drone. While you'll see YouTube videos of people flying through rain and snow, I don't recommend it.