How To Charge Autel EVO II Remote Controller?

The EVO III drone charger can simultaneously charge your EVO II battery and your remote controller. Attach the provided USB cable to the charger brick and the other end into the remote controller under the protective cover, you can monitor the charging process on the built-in OLEDs screen.

EVO II Package list incluedes

EVO II package list includes battery charger, power cable and RC charging cable

Before charging, you will need Battery charger, power cable and RC charging cable

The EVO II remote controller can take up to 150 minutes to fully charge, the runtime on a fully charged remote controller is 3 hours when the battery is fully charged, the remote controller will beep twice and here's a pro tip.

You can charge your remote controller using a battery bank this can come in handy if you forget to charge your remote controller before a flight. It's always important to properly maintain your batteries always fully charge your batteries.