Top 10 Q & A: Autel EVO II Series Frequently Asked Questions

Top 10 Autel EVO II Drones Frequently Asked Questions

EVO ii question

Q1: Autel EVO II Width/ Height?

A: Folded: 228*133*110 mm (length×width×height)

Unfolded: 424*354*110 mm (length×width×height)

Q2: Autel EVO II takeoff weight?

A: 1127g(EVOII)

1174g (EVO II Pro)

1192g (EVO II Dual)

Q3: Autel EVO II Flight Range?

A: Autel EVO II has 9 KM extended range, flight time up to 40min and hover up to 35min.

Q4: Does either camera have a mechanical global shutter, or are they both linear rolling?

A: Electronic linear rolling shutter. The CMOS sensor works by reading out each line of pixels very quickly but not all at the same time, the reading of sensor data occurs on a rolling rolling shutter) basis until all the lines of the sensor are read and then a frame has been captured.

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Q5: Will the EVO 2 have waterproof?

A: No it is not. Most drones aren’t waterproof and precipitation of any kind can damage the camera and gimbal, short out a motor, or cause other malfunctions to the drone or controller. If your drone does get caught in the rain or snow, land it as soon as possible. Make sure to dry off the props and body of the drone. In particularly cold weather, be aware that any moisture in the gimbal pads can freeze, which can impact the quality of your aerial footage.

Q6: Do the Evo accessories work for Evo 2? Batteries, Propellers, live deck?

A: Most Evo components will not be forward compatible with Evo II, they are different batteries and propellers. Only Evo remote controllers and Live Deck are forward compatible.

Q7: Does EVO II have geofencing?

A: There is no geofencing or cellular service restrictions on any of the three EVO 2 drones.

Q8: Only the PRO model will offer an adjustable aperture feature?

A: Yes, Only EVO II PRO offers an adjustable aperture feature.

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Q9: Will the EVO II offer digital zoom as well?

A: Three EVO II Models all provide 8x digital zoom and lossless in-camera zoom up to 4x.

Q10: What are the EVO II Camera Specs?

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