What affects Autel EVO Drone Public Safety?

Autel's EVO drone products have become a newcomer in the drone space, with the EVO Nano+ not only representing an amazing advancement for Autel, but also what's possible in this weight category. three-way collision sensing at a weight of less than 250g, high-resolution 2.7K real-time preview and object tracking provide you with professional capabilities with incredible portability.

Maybe for drone beginners, there are a few hiccups and not enough trust, but it also gives us a way forward. You might ask, is this tiny folding drone safe to fly in the air? Can I drive well the first time I use it?
Let's take a closer look at the allure of folding drones.

Does Autel EVO have Geofencing?

"No geofencing restrictions" is often the selling point of Autel drones. But now due to U.S. airspace security controls, Autel will be introducing mandatory no-fly zones to the U.S. database. This can be found in the latest firmware update. When the drone reaches the no-fly area, it will give a warning but will not stop the aircraft from flying, requiring the driver to manually select.

Does the Autel EVO have Flight Restrictions?

Drones are used as aerial cameras, and most of them are subject to airspace control when flying. Autel produced the EVO Nano series of drones. In the United States, this drone weighs less than 250g and does not require registration, which is convenient for many drone enthusiasts. Here you can see the specific drones registration and flight conditions of various countries.

Consumer Drone Flight Regulations in China, Europe and the United States

How is the Wind Resistance of the Drone?

Autel's EVO Drone series includes Nano series, EVO Lite series, and EVO II series. Each series of Drone has Drone with different parameters and performance. The Nano series has five levels of wind resistance, and the Lite series has wind resistance. The wind resistance is grade 7, and the wind resistance of the EVO II series is grade 8.

Does the Increased Load of the Nano Plus Drone Affect Flight Safety?

The flight safety of drones is also closely related to flight stability. If you want to hang heavy objects on a lightweight drone to increase wind resistance, we recommend that you don’t do it, it will easily slow down the flight time and speed, and even affect the aircraft.

Will the Magnetic Field Affect the Flight Safety of the Nano Plus Drone?

The compass of the drone is calibrated at the factory, and users generally do not need to calibrate it. Compasses are very sensitive to electromagnetic interference, which can cause compass errors and reduced flight quality. When flying outdoors, try to stay away from sources of magnetic interference, such as magnets or concrete rebar. This may cause malfunctions in the recognition of the obstacle avoidance system.

What Kind of Weather is Suitable for Nano Plus Drone Flying?

If the drone wants to get a wide field of vision and take clear photos or videos, it is recommended to shoot in sunny and windless weather to obtain high-definition picture texture. It is not suitable for flying in rainy days. Flying the drone in the rain for a long time may cause water to enter the internal parts and affect the flight of the drone.

What should be Paid Attention to in Indoor Nano Plus Drone Flight Safety?

When flying a drone indoors, you should always pay attention to flying safely. You must fly within sight of the drone - which means you need to be able to see your drone at all times. Don't take your naked eyes off your drone and control screen. Because the indoor flight height and flight angle are limited.

What should We Pay Attention to When Flying Nano Plus Drones Outdoors?

Be aware of wind and air temperature while flying your drone outdoors. It really matters, it's impossible to predict how much battery power a drone will need to fight the wind. Pay attention to the wind direction and speed before taking off and make sure you have enough batteries to return. Air pressure varies greatly in different temperatures, and other things being equal, you'll find your battery lasts longer on cool days than on hot days.

As a mini foldable drone, the EVO Nano Plus drone is suitable for most drone beginners to fly and shoot. Autel has invested a lot of research and development costs in releasing each drone, which absolutely guarantees the drone’s performance and flight safety.