Common Autel Drone Takeoff Troubleshooting

Common Autel Drone Takeoff Troubleshooting

In the early days of drone flying, we more or less have some troubles, and for some beginners, this can be a big problem, but Autelpilot is willing to help everyone with the most common drone problems.

The Quadcopter won't Take Off

For different reasons, the Autel drone couldn't take off. Here are a few things to keep in mind when diagnosing your Autel flight controller for an unsuccessful takeoff.

Drone Battery is Low or Defective

Make sure the flight battery is fully charged. When the battery of the drone is too low, the drone cannot be started.

Pay attention to maintaining battery life, and the Autel Battery should be stored in a room temperature, cool, low humidity environment. High temperatures and humidity can damage the chemistry inside the battery, causing the battery to drop in capacity, which in turn reduces flight time.

Or if you think your battery may be visibly defective, please contact the manufacturer for a timely replacement.

At the same time, when purchasing drones at Autelpilot, we will provide two packages to choose from, the standard version and the upgraded version. We will provide more drone accessories for replacement. As far as the battery is concerned, We will also increase the number of drone batteries accordingly for a better flight experience.

Drone Compass and IMU not Calibrated

Follow and check your quadcopter's calibration procedure to ensure your compass and IMU are properly calibrated before flying. Compass (magnetometer) may lose calibration if exposed to strong electromagnetic interference (EMI). Keep the compass away from batteries, motors, magnets, and other components that can generate EMI. Autel drones have been calibrated before leaving the factory, if you want to adjust manually, please follow the official Autel User Manual.

Poor GPS Signal

Autel's EVO series drones are currently quite popular. The EVO Drone Nano and Lite series use GPS systems to locate the drones, while the EVO II series drones use GPS/GLONASS/VIO/ATTI for positioning. A drone positioned with a GPS system needs a good signal before flight to ensure that it can return to its original position in the event of a loss of signal (LOS) from the radio control system. Leave your drone on but disarmed for a few minutes and with clear skies make sure you have a good GPS signal before flying.