Drone Autel EVO Nano Series in Rain

Drone Autel EVO Nano Series in Rain

Autel Robotics has a comprehensive product line of technologically advanced drones, cameras and artificial intelligence operating systems. The main functions of consumer drones include obstacle navigation, image transmission systems, powerful camera functions, and more.

There's no denying the appeal of flying your drone as much as you can, even when the weather is a little choppy. However, many retailers and manufacturers can be very vague about the specifics of drones and their capabilities.

Is it possible to fly the drone Autel EVO Nano Series in the Rain?

Driving the Autel Drone in the rain is not recommended as this can adversely affect the life and functionality of the drone. However, users can drive the Autel Drone in the rain while wearing a wetsuit that covers all relevant components. With the potential for water corrosion in the protective paint finish, there are plenty of reasons to think twice before launching your beloved drone in the shower or even a water spray.

The EVO Nano series of camera drones produced by Autel Robotics can be said to be a major advancement in mini drones.

Autel Robotics EVO Nano Series Photography Drone Weighs Only 249 Grams

When you own the Autel Robotics EVO Nano Series of photography drones, you can take your camera crew anywhere. The series consists of EVO Nano+ and EVO Nano. Both gadgets weigh 249 grams.

The EVO Nano series can follow the subject
The EVO Nano+ features a 1/1.28-inch CMOS sensor that produces 50 MP photos. It also features an RYYB color filter array design with an impressive f/1.9 aperture. Its PDAF + CDAF autofocus system tracks fast-moving subjects. Meanwhile, the EVO Nano is equipped with a 48 MP camera that can record 4K/30fps video. Then, its 3-axis gimbal keeps your footage steady in any situation. With HDR turned on, both drones take photos at different exposures and automatically combine them into an image with a wider dynamic range. Even better, you can set the Nano to track any animal, person or vehicle. That way, you can focus on your hobbies while your drone takes care of the recording. The hardware configuration of the Autel EVO Nano is excellent.

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Is the Autel EVO Nano Drone Waterproof?

Most drones have an IP (Ingress Protection) rating, which provides specific details about the degree of protection against solid and liquid substances. Solid matter has a scale of 0 - 6, and liquid matter has a scale of 0 - 9, and can be further enhanced by the presence of an "M" to indicate that it is resistant to specific hazards such as oil, high pressure, or other details.

In order to fly a drone comfortably in the rain, it is especially important to know its IP rating, as this will give you an idea of ​​not only whether the drone can operate in the rain, but also how much rain it will resist. Depending on the IP rating, a drone may be able to withstand anything from light rain or rain falling from a certain angle, a full shower, or even full immersion.

In addition to various special tips about other conditions and materials, these restrictions will allow users to confidently fly their drones in the rain within the range communicated by the IP rating criteria. However, unlike many drones that are IP rated as standard,

The risks definitely outweigh the rewards. Some users may be lucky and experience flying in the rain or shooting close to the water without serious consequences, but it is likely that the performance of the drone will decrease after exposure to water, or the lifespan will be reduced. For drone enthusiasts and users, the latter is much more secure and keeps the key components of the Autel EVO Nano Drone away from sand, snow, fog, clouds, rain and water.