4K Camera Autel Robotics Nano+ drone in action

Autel Robotics designed the EVO Nano Plus drone with 4K Ultra HD cameras (4K30, 2.7K60, 1080p120, 720p240, 12-MP stills) and an easily detachable 3-axis gimbal so you never miss capturing an epic Aerial shot of opportunity. We've doubled down on positioning systems and safety features so you can fly freely without worrying about your quadcopter. To make the drone flying experience simpler and more accessible than ever, we have equipped the remote control of the EVO Nano Plus drone with an LCD display that displays important flight information as well as simple one-touch flight functions such as takeoff /land, hover and go home. To know that the role of drones is not only that!

Using drones to make real estate listings stand out
Autel Robotics talks about the benefits of using drones in the real estate industry to grow customer listings. Real estate agent Mike Holden uses drones to perfectly capture photos and videos of homes, properties and neighborhoods so he can list the properties that will most catch the eye of potential buyers.

28mins flight time

Drone flight time and payload testing

How to take professional aerial photography a step further? One thing to understand is how it handles payload weight and flight time. The EVO Nano Plus drone itself weighs 249g and we can fly for up to 28 minutes. That means lightweight camera rigs, 3D setups or long, heavy cine zoom lenses are no longer a dream.

Usually, if the drone is light, the wind resistance will be relatively weak, so we may put some suspendable weights on the drone to make the drone fly smoothly, but it usually shortens the battery life and flight time. It is generally recommended that the weight of the suspended items should not exceed the weight of the drone itself. We can get up to 17 minutes of flight time, more than most other competitors, which means we have more complex processes and safety systems for drones.

In addition to this, the entire multi-rotor system is very powerful to ensure that there is always enough headroom in any conceivable situation. This is achieved through the high-performance components of the battery.

hdr drone nano

Cinematic prime lenses, pan and iris controls, and HD video transmission all come without a quadcopter with a 4K Ultra HD camera and a quick-release 3-axis gimbal, so you'll never miss a chance to capture epic aerial shots. To make the drone flying experience simpler and more accessible than ever, we feature a 1/1.28" (0.8") CMOS sensor that captures 50MP photos and UHD 4K HDR video at 30fps. The RYYB color filter array design with a large f/1.9 aperture provides excellent noise reduction and the ability to easily produce high-quality images in low light conditions.

Track fast-moving subjects with incredible precision with the PDAF + CDAF dual autofocus system. Extract rich detail from shadows and highlights with HDR mode, which quickly captures multiple shots at different exposures to stitch them together in post-production, no matter how extreme the lighting conditions.