Civilian Drones--Autel Robotics' Drones Contribute to Warfare

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Autel drones help Ukraine prepare for conflict: donate Evo II Pro and more to assist Ukrainian special forces.

Autel drones are one of the most popular drone manufacturing and sales platforms. The Ukrainian military recently received a drone EVO II Pro from Autel Robotics donated by a private charity to replace another EVO lost in a previous operation. This is just one of many recent donations, as private investors, businesses and charities routinely provide various supplies and support to Ukrainian soldiers and militia groups.

In 2021, crowdfunding site People's Project tweeted photos of Ukraine's EVO II drone, noting that some models with thermal cameras are used by special operations forces. The Autel Robotics EVO II Pro drone is designed for civilian and law enforcement use, not Ukrainian special operations forces. It should be understood that Autel Rob's departure from otics does not start as any position, we only wish for world peace.

Civilian UAVs in Ukraine - Cross-Border Technology

autel evo 2 40min flight

"This is one of the best civilian drones," Timur Kobzar, a volunteer working for the Igor Kononenko Charitable Foundation, told Ukranews. "Electronic warfare has little impact on it."

Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (SUAS) have been playing a vital role in providing surveillance and reconnaissance for troops facing Russian-backed separatists in the Donetsk region. According to Chinese news outlet Touiato, SUAS is primarily used to scout enemy positions, track movement and pinpoint the location of artillery positions.

The front-line use of drones has been driving a new wave of development and innovation on Ukrainian soil. When the conflict between Ukraine and Russian-backed insurgents began in 2014, Ukraine had no drones in its inventory.

"Ukraine has successfully surpassed its military might in conflict by turning to its world-renowned aerospace industry," John Wendell wrote in a 2018 Smithsonian article. "The battlespace has become more complex, Forcing basement equipment manufacturers to become more and more innovative. They have begun to develop combat drones and tactics that surpass the rest of the world.”

The article also cites a U.S. Army National Guard lieutenant colonel who was sent to advise on Ukrainian command and control planning. "In the past two years since the group was founded, they have rapidly progressed from using airships or balloons for reconnaissance to building their own unmanned aerial system."

Autel EVO 2 Series dynamic track

Autel EVO Nano mini drone is equipped with a variety of options, panorama shooting at four angles of horizontal/vertical/wide-angle/spherical, real-time image blurring and photo portrait blurring, 1-16 times zoom, this unmanned aerial vehicle Combining art and science with unmatched ease-of-use, the machine improves 100% faster with less complexity and delivers ROI that can be achieved within the first 3 to 6 months of operational use.

Autel Nano Drone - A New Technology Combination

Autel Robotics has a range of UAV representative products developed from an ecosystem perspective, which is reflected in the range of airborne technologies and various platform configurations available to meet target applications and demanding environmental conditions. Autel Robotics can also operate as a dedicated drone, and the powerful camera system makes it far superior to other products of its kind on the market.

Depending on how the EVO Nano series is configured, the aircraft offers:

EVO Nano EVO Nano+
249g 249g
1/2" CMOS 48MP 1/1.28" CMOS 50MP
Aperture f/2.8 Aperture f/1.9
4K/30fps Video 4K/30fps Video
28-Min Max Flight Time 28-Min Max Flight Time
10km 2.7K Transmission 10km 2.7K Transmission
Forward + Backward + Downward Sensors Forward + Backward + Downward Sensors