New Autel + Pix4Dreact Bundle for Public Safety

Autel Robotics and Pix4D have announced a new bundle: Autel EVO II Rugged Bundles will now include Pix4Dreact, Pix4D's 2D rapid mapping software, at no additional cost.

This new partnership is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the public safety sector. The bundle includes 3 spare batteries, controller, charging hub, spare props and charger. Protected in a military-grade hard case. This collaboration between Autel Robotics and Pix4D combines the fastest "out of the box" drone on the market with Pix4D's fast mapping software for emergency response.

With the Smart Flight Battery installed, this drone weighs just 2.5 pounds, checking all the boxes for portability. The EVO II is equipped with omnidirectional obstacle detection, including 12 visual sensors as well as 2 ultrasonic sensors on the bottom of the drone. Because of the drone's small size, you can easily start and resume it without requiring much space, if any, when starting and resuming manually. The aircraft offers 8GB of internal storage for these flights when you fill up your SD card but still need to capture more before landing.

The Autel EVO 2 Rugged Bundle includes the drone and accessories in a military-grade hard case for easy transport and ultimate protection for your gear. Precision cut foam case stores and protects EVO II, 3 spare batteries, controller, charging hub, spare props and charger.


Now compatible with all Autel EVO II camera models, Pix4Dreact is available for true color mapping, designed to provide first responders with fast and reliable situational awareness. Fast, lightweight, easy-to-use, and robust, it produces high-quality 2D orthomosaics when time is of the essence. It is the perfect software companion to the Autel EVO II, allowing ground teams to respond quickly and safely.

High-end models for the outdoors have begun to fall into two subcategories - budget and premium. More expensive drones will fly longer, shoot better video, and have more advanced features, such as the ability to automatically spot and avoid obstacles. However, the line between these two subcategories is not always clear.

The Pro model can generate very high-resolution maps or models even at 400 feet above the ground, thanks to a 1-inch CMOS sensor that captures high-resolution detail with its effective 20 megapixels. While the 640T Dual model has a lower-resolution 12-megapixel sensor, it still excels when mapping and/or modeling at altitudes of 250 feet or less.

Christopher Cressy, Managing Director of Pix4D North America, continued: "The EVO II is an impressive drone platform ideal for public safety missions. It's lightweight, fast and easy to operate. Works with Pix4Dreact and a simple laptop , any drone pilot or responder on the ground can generate and share a high-resolution scale map in minutes, anywhere in the world, with or without a network connection."

Gary DeLuca, CEO of Autel Robotics USA, added: "At Autel Robotics, we are proud to offer the fastest rapidly deployable aircraft in the industry, and the speed of Pix4Dreact is an ideal complementary application for our aircraft. In the public safety and construction industries, No other application and other aviation product can output actionable data as efficiently, accurately, and with high quality as Pix4Dreact's partnership with Autel Enterprise."

Time Lapse Autel EVO II Pro Drone Series

autel evo2 airframe

Since we're talking about time-lapse drones, we'll focus on photography drones. And when it comes to photography, the Autel EVO II Pro drone series comes out on top. You can shoot time-lapse images and hyper-lapse videos with this machine. The beauty of these planes is that they have a high-quality built-in camera. Depending on the model you purchased, the Autel EVO II Pro drone can take you up to 30 minutes of aerial photos. Are you planning to take high-quality aerial time-lapse photos or record time-lapse videos? Then you need a good time-lapse photography drone. You need a drone with a built-in high-quality camera. A quadcopter that lets you easily see everything in legal space.