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Autel Drone Guide to Shooting Cinema Shots

Nowadays, the public's acceptance of drones is getting stronger and stronger, and it is no longer a military drone. More consumers personally buy camera drones for hobbies, photography and recording life!

Drone footage is getting a lot of views on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, and most people want a drone because they've already seen some of the awesome aerial footage a drone can provide.

High-quality camera drones don't come cheap, but they do have a great range of flight modes and features to help you capture the perfect picture. In today's era of short videos, vertical video will be a new starting point, and there is no need to cut horizontal video. I am very happy that Autel EVO Lite Drone has done it.

If you want to achieve cinematography, here are some tips and guidelines for camera drone photography.

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Consider Time of Day and Weather

Obviously we shoot outdoors with drones, but we should take the weather into account. Sunrise and sunset times are best because the lights pop in and the shadows are detailed. The shooting location should be considered along with the temperature.

If you're shooting at a high altitude where it snows early in the morning, your drone may freeze from condensation and the view of the lens may be blocked by fog. Be aware of this, and plan the time of day to shoot. To its credit, the EVO Lite drone lets you remove haze with a fog penetration feature that automatically adjusts the camera's vibration settings to keep your footage looking sharp.

I Want The Best Drone To Take Great Pictures!

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If you are an experienced video editor or filmmaker, you can use the drone to continuously fly and test to take good photos and videos. With rich material and post-editing soundtrack, you will be able to get the best drone photos and videos. video.

Try Follow Me Shots and Low-to-High Tilts

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Check the flight settings of the drone. The EVO Lite drone has a follow me function. The way the shot works is to see your subject clearly and slowly circle it to keep it in view of the frame.

Lateral motion is uncommon in drone photography and provides an interesting perspective. These are called strafing shots and really stand out.

A low-to-high tilt shot is another cinematic technique where you fly the drone close to the ground with the camera pointing down (about 1 foot off the ground). You can reveal the landscape by flying it up and tilting the camera up as you do so. This photo is perfect for creating a showcase or any cinematic drone opening with tons of impact.

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Avoid Flying On Windy Days

Windy days can create distortion or a dreaded "jelly effect" in your drone footage. Generally speaking, the shaky feeling is visible to the naked eye, but in fact, the EVO Lite Drone adds a four-axis gimbal design, and the stability is very good. Despite our confidence in this, we still recommend against flying in harsh environments, the EVO Lite Drone has a maximum wind resistance rating of 7.

As a high-tech product, drones will continue to practice your flying skills and photography skills, and will continue to optimize your drone firmware, strengthen the drone's own learning, and promote drone firmware upgrades.