Night Scenes

Challenge The Best Drone to Shoot Night Scenes

As for consumer drones, most drone enthusiasts like to buy their drones from the perspective of the quality of the drone's gimbal and camera.

As an obvious comparison, whether it is day or night, the camera function of the drone needs to be tested.

The Autel Lite drone is equipped with an indicator light on the fuselage, which is easy to find when flying.

At night, drones are not completely silent machines. The fans and motors inside the drone emit a clear, loud hum that's easy to identify. If you notice a slight hum and aren't sure where it's coming from, be sure to look around to see if there's a drone in the distance. The light on it will help you identify it.

evo lite

The Role of Drone Llights

Navigation: Indicator lights, usually green, red or white, are used to help the operator identify the location of the drone while operating. Some drones change between colors so they stand out more. Lights are easier to spot at night because the sunlight overpowers them during the day.

Anti-collision: This light is easier to spot than a navigation light because it is usually on or flashing rapidly. The color is red or white and tends to be stronger than the navigation lights. So you can usually spot this even during the day.

Why is The EVO Lite+ Drone Night Camera Powerful?

The Evo Lite+ contains a 1-inch, 20-megapixel CMOS sensor.

The Evo Lite+ has a variable aperture that can be adjusted from f/2.8 to f11. The ability to stop down the aperture in the Evo Lite+ is a huge plus, both for capturing bright scenes and for controlling depth of field. In many cases, you can use Evo Lite+ to shoot scenes, which can combine virtual and real scenes within the range of controllable aperture size, with dynamic and static.

Autel EVO Lite series drones are high-quality camera drones, with four shooting modes (Rocket, Fade away, Orbit, Flick), master-level lens sense, no need to learn, and add in the Autel Sky app Soundtracks and filters to make your videos even better.

Autel Robotics uses the EVO Lite series as the flagship of its premium drones, using HDR on the EVO Lite and Lite plus will take multiple photos at different exposures and automatically stitch them together, resulting in higher contrast and dynamic range of photos.

10-bit A-log and Moonlight Algorithm

cmos senor

Shot by a 10-bit camera, the Lite Series aerial photography can record up to 1 billion colors. EVO Lite series cameras retain rich shadow and highlight detail, providing greater flexibility in post-production.

Autel Robotics has launched a new intelligent moonlight algorithm. The Lite plus is equipped with a 1-inch CMOS image sensor with a maximum pixel of 20MP. It can shoot 6K/30fps, 4k/60fps photos per frame. In night scene mode, the ISO can reach up to 64000. In 4K shooting, 1.3 times or less digital supports lossless mode, under 1080P resolution, less than 3 times is lossless.

night shot

Thanks to the powerful camera lens of the Autel Robotics EVO Lite plus, you can capture clear, vibrant details with low noise even at night!

Overall, Autel Evo Lite+ preserves the clarity and integrity of photos to the greatest extent possible in night shooting, the photos will not become too dark and overexposed, and retain a lot of details. It can even be said that Autel Evo Lite+ is a strong competitor of Mavic 2 pro.