Aerial Photography by Autel Drone: Professional Shooting Advice

Aerial Photography by Autel Drone: Professional Shooting Advice

With the development of a new technology industry, Autel drones have come out on top in high-tech electronic products, and aerial photography camera drone products are worth looking forward to.

In drone aerial imaging, camera specifications and photographic composition become the focus. Here we will show some of the best aerial photography methods for Autel drone players.

Taking photos from dizzying heights doesn't necessarily mean they'll be fun or effective. Shooting aimlessly doesn't guarantee you any visually pleasing results once you use the drone to position yourself at high altitudes.

The most common question for amateur photographers is that once they get the drone in the air, they often get bogged down and think: where do I start, what should I shoot, and that would be fun?

The cameras and equipment available today are top-of-the-line, and image quality continues to improve. In the Autelpilot store we can find 4k Camera Drones, 6k Camera Drones and 8k Camera Drones. These drone cameras are powerful, and even night shots are just as appealing.

Insights from A Drone Lens

darker shadows brighter highlights

As with photography in general, taking a good photo requires an eye. Look for patterns, shapes and lines. Trying to align them symmetrically will make your images look pleasing. Determining the subject of your drone is half the battle for a good photo.

Light Capture Capabilities of Drone Lenses


For regular photography, it's best to keep the sun behind you. Having the sun at the apex gives you the best color when flying your drone. At the same time, avoid flying in high-altitude hot weather, and the polarizing filter of the drone can help. The ND filter is very good, and it can also play a role in taking blurry photos by reducing the problem of light and dark in the picture.

Often, shooting after sunset provides an amazing soft, warm light. It's good to capture this fleeting light condition in the air as the sun rises over the horizon.

It is worth mentioning that the EVO series provides RGGB and RYYB color filter array designs for drones. Under the premise of the same lens and sensor, Autel EVO Nano+ can increase the amount of light entering compared to the traditional RGGB color filter array design. 40% or more.

Drone Recording Video

black automatic shooting model

Mastering your composition is the key to shooting natural and smooth video, and you can experiment with top-down, time-lapse, and panorama features multiple times. When shooting video, zoom in to avoid something, or zoom out to fully include it in your shot. Constantly adjust the moving drone head to shoot to make the footage more cinematic.

In the Autel EVO drone series, the drones are equipped with cinematic lenses such as rockets, fading away, orbits, flicks, etc., which look cool, cinematic and dramatic. Use your imagination to carry out your Drone aerial photography.