Drone Flight Action Demonstration--A Beginner's Guide

Drone Flight Action Demonstration--A Beginner's Guide

When flying a drone, how to get a unique aerial shot by adjusting the flight action of the drone is the most anticipated thing for each of us drone players. Whether you are a drone beginner or a drone veteran, we all need to master the essentials of drone flight to get the best aerial photography photos.

The simplest drone actions include orbit, top-down, ascent or descent, side wrap, side pan, push or push, takeoff, gimbal movement, burst action, and ActiveTrack orbit. We briefly introduce the flight action of drones. In the Autelpilot store, we are friendly to beginners. The Nano, Lite, and II series of Autel EVO series drones bring us quite a shocking flying experience.

dynamic track evo nano

The first is one of the most famous moves, but still one of the easiest and best moves for Autel drones. Orbits are simple shots that move around an object. This is easy to do when you push the two joysticks in opposite directions, resulting in an effect.

Top Down
Another shot that is always great and easy to capture is the top down shot. This doesn't actually require any joystick controls, with the camera pointing at the ground or object. From there, you can move the drone in any direction to get a bird's-eye view of the ground.

It's also a great lens thanks to its simplicity and stunning effects. To do this, you have to slowly lift the drone up or down, capturing the foreground and background. This photo is great when the foreground covers the background, making for an impressive photo.

This photo builds on the track shown at the beginning of the video, with a slight pan. This produces a wider orbital shot that looks best when moving very slowly. To do this shot, you use the same stick movement as the orbit, but instead of focusing on the object, you let the drone keep going.

Active Track
The follow me feature has become one of the drone features that many people look forward to, and it will be done after a firmware update. The follow me feature is useful for shooting objects in motion, the drone keeps the object in the center of the frame while pushing the joystick in different directions to run the drone around the object, creating an ellipse around the object.

For beginners, the EVO Nano drone is definitely a star-level product. The cinematic lens captures a stunning experience, and the camera configuration is equally powerful, with a 1/2-inch sensor capable of capturing 4K/30FPS HDR Video and 48mp photos. A must for outdoor travel enthusiasts to experience the fun of aerial photography imaging.